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Protecting Your House from Water Damage


How harmful is water damage

Water damage refers to the damages caused to any material or system due to unwanted and intruding water. The water, in addition to causing destruction itself, allows bacteria, mold or fungus to grow, resulting in the rotting of wood, rusting of steel, de-lamination of materials such as plywood or Formica laminated countertops, and such other damages. Most common source of water in our habitat is flood during heavy rain pour. However, apart from the water damage caused by flooding after days of heavy rain, several modern-day conveniences can develop problems that lead to water damage. A broken plumbing pipe or a leaking roof, faulty HVAC system or improper drainage, all of these can result in water logging and the damage can be devastating and costly. Sometimes water damage is instantaneous and you can take immediate action to prevent the catastrophe. However, often it is imperceptibly slow which goes unnoticed. The damage is minor in the initial stage, but has the potential to create long term and permanent problem and contribute to loss of property.

Minimizing water damage

Water damage can be minimized by taking certain measures such as following the building codes properly, regular repairing and maintenance of plumbing and HVAC systems and using better products such as galvanized steels and plastics. The common sources of excess water in our homes are water heater, clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and air conditioning units which have the potential of causing water damage, and those caused by water heaters located upstairs or on the ceiling can be particularly destructive. Faulty plumbing systems are susceptible to clogs and stoppages of water flow which can lead water to escape from sinks and toilets, and appliances such as clothes washers. During winter, pipes can freeze and burst causing damage to buildings and other properties. Damaged roofs, deteriorated roofing materials and ice dams can allow water to enter through the roof and damage ceilings, walls, and floors. Inadequate insulation of ceilings and ventilation also speed up roof decay.

Measures You Must Take to Protect Your Home from Water damage

To protect your home from water damage, you must look for prompt repair of deteriorated or damaged roofing materials by a professional roofing contractor. Gutters, flashings, and downspouts that are free of debris will allow water to drain freely. Downspouts should extend away from the building to carry water away from the foundation. Adequate insulation and ventilation of the ceilings and HVAC systems can extend the life of the roof and reduce the chance of ice dams that can cause water damage of the under roofing. Standing water in basements can be caused by plumbing leak or improper drainage leading to water damage in the structures of the building. Repairing of the plumbing system and channelizing waters from the basement can save from such problems. Ensure that the hose connections and water outlets from washing machines, icemakers, dishwashers, and other appliances that use water can help you check minor water logging and protect your house from temporary water damage. Water is an essential part of our life. However, its improper use and negligence of the excess water may result in more harms than the benefits. We must be prudent in its use and also in the use of systems and appliances that use water to save our homes and properties from water damage.





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