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About Us:
Water Damages Lighthouse Point is innovation water damage restoration business. We’re here continually, to offer entire tranquility of mind amidst the commotion of water damage (and other failure). Our limited services has a group of highly trained staff, all of whom are taught, equipped, and ready to restore your house once any disaster. This might be something since water in the cellar, to fire and smoke repair in the kitchen.

Water Damage Lighthouse Point perform a faster water damage restoration emergency process, desirable:

- Water and Fire Damage Restore Guarantee.
- Scheme Organization Service gives you one point of call for the complete water renovate scheme.
- Recognized relations with Assure Business, for effortless restore claims processing.
- Online Project Center allows client and insure agent to path renovate proceed 24/7.

Call Us: (954)727-3041

Services for you:
Many homes in the Lighthouse Point area will contain knowledgeable various sort of water damage, frequently they are the product of internal plumbings failures (i.e. hot water heat flooding, washing machine hose floods or dishwashers floods), but sometimes they can be caused by ordinary disasters like river floods and hurricanes.

Our friendly and skilled service are obtainable around the clock, 365 days a year. We propose complete service restoration for the residence (from upper to base), include all personal contents and arrangement. Several of our specialty incorporate: Floods, Fire, Smoke, Mold, Water, Vandalism, Upholstery, Trauma, Data Recovery, and Electronics Damages Renovation.

The cleaning professionals at Water Damage Lighthouse Point operate state-of-the-art complex goods, procedure, and equipment; so as to assure the highest point of cleaning recital and protect for both property and furnish.

The progression take place next six steps:

- Skilled inspection and assessment
- Water removal system Lighthouse Point
- Excellence anti-microbial application

Contact Us:
Water Damage Repair and Restoration 33064

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