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About Us:
Water Damages Lighthouse Point is innovation water damage repair companies. We’re here continuously, to offer total peace of care amidst the commotion of water damage (and other disasters). Our restricted service has a group of greatly skilled workers, all of whom are taught, prepared, and arranged to reinstate your home when any tragedy. This can be anything from water in the vault, to fire and smoke damage in the kitchen.

Water Damage Lighthouse Point performs a faster water damage restoration emergency process, desirable:

- Water and Fire Damages Renovate Certification.
- Plan Organization Services gives you one position of contact for the whole water restore project.
- Established relationships with Assure Business, for easy restore state processing.
- Online Project Center allow client and insurance agent to path restore proceed 24/7.

Contact Us: (954)727-3041

Services for you:
Many home in the Lighthouse Point areas will contain experienced some sort of water damage, often they are the effect of inside plumbings fails (i.e. hot water heat floods, washing system hose floods or dishwashers flooding), but sometimes they can be cause by normal disasters like river floods and hurricane.

Our gracious and expert services are available around the clock, 365 day a year. We propose complete service renovation for the home (from top to bottom), include all personal content and arrangement. Various of our specialty contain: Floods, Fire, Smoke, Mold, Water, Vandalism, Upholstery, Trauma, Data Renewal, and Electronics Damages Restore.

The clean professionals at Water Damage Lighthouse Point work state-of-the-art advanced goods, procedures, and equipments; so as to ensure the uppermost point of cleaning performance and protection for both property and furnishings.

The process takes position over six steps:

- Skilled inspect and estimation
- Water removal process Lighthouse Point
- Quality anti-microbial claim

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Water Damage Repair and Restoration 33064

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